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Developing Stronger, Healthier & More Powerful Dancers & Athletes


Harriman Dance Sport Aerobics Fitness (HDSAF) specialises in competitive and non-competitive sport aerobics, dance and fitness.

We are a family club and we offer a niche sport that you need to try. Everything we do @HDSAF is for our members, creating a safe and nurturing environment. Our coaches have years of experience and are qualified in performing arts, fitness accreditations, First Aid and CPR to ensure your development, health and safety is top priority while attending our classes.


We cater to all ages from 3 years to adults, Five Dock Studio and from 5 years of age at Ermington Studio. Our priority is to develop the individual’s confidence, technique and strength all while enjoying each class, making new friends and conquering every challenge. 


Every athlete loves Sport Aerobics! It is a unique sport for all. Join today as a competitive or non-competitive member and develop your fitness and strength in our sport which combines aerobic/dance choreography with gymnastics elements. It is fast paced and performed at a high intensity to music. Athletes can compete as an individual, pair, trio or team. Classes are exciting and fun, guaranteed to improve all aspects of your fitness, co-ordination and self confidence.


Dance we offer classes for ages 3-19 years in ballet, Jazz and hip hop. As classes gain more interest more genres will become available. Interested dancers can compete as soloists and take private lessons per term.


Kids FUN FITNESS classes weekly will have your little one improving in all areas while having a super fun time and meeting new friends. It is a very popular class at HDSAF and our coaches know all the moves to leave you sweaty, strong and smiling.



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Melanie has been teaching and choreographing for the past 20 years at various dance schools, primary and high schools around Sydney. During this time Melanie has been responsible for choreographing competitive and award-winning routines. She is always striving to encourage all levels, nurturing and developing elite performance as well as the recreational student of any age. She is known for her extraordinary preparation for all classes and choreography and can be counted on to produce quality education and innovative routines always. She loves inspiring her students by sharing her creativity and passion for dance and sport, by giving them the opportunity to be the best they can be, helping them work hard towards their goals and enjoy the rewards that come from achievement. 

Melanie holds a Cert IV in Performing Arts from Brent St Studios and obtained her HSC from Newtown High School of the Performing Arts. Melanie is professionally trained in all dance styles and is also a highly skilled acrobat. Melanie has an abundance of industry experience; some of her career highlights including many music videos, television commercials, corporate events and various shows taking her all over the world. Some of these include All Saints, Dance Academy, So You Think You Can Dance, Barney & Friends, Bonds, Sony, Telstra, Sesame Street, New Idea and McDonald’s. Melanie is one of the few people to have successfully attained top 40 status for the TV series “So You Think You Can Dance” 2009 & 2010 seasons. Melanie is also a highly skilled and decorated sport and fitness aerobic champion having competed at State, National and World level competitions representing Australia and winning several state, national and a world title. Melanie has also completed a Cert III and IV in Fitness from the Fitness Institute of Australia (FIA) as well as a wide variety of professional fitness accreditations. She has worked now in the fitness industry for the past 10 years as a personal trainer and a fitness consultant. This has added an additional dimension to Melanie’s teaching and coaching skills and cements her reputation as one of the country’s fittest women. Her fitness and athletic dance ability and physique contribute that extra element to inspire and motivate her students and clients. She is a great educator and mentor to her students in regard to health and fitness, enabling many of her students to reach new performance levels, superior dynamic skills and achieve their goals. Melanie’s versatility and experience allows her to seamlessly move from running a boot camp to choreographing an award-winning lyrical routine. 


Harriman Dance Sport Aerobics Fitness was established in 2017 running classes and a small competitive squad at various locations around Sydney. In November, 2019 HDSAF locked in one location and has been in operation at Ermington PS for the past few years. As of 2023, HDSAF is now in 2 locations with a second space in Five Dock. HDSAF also has the pleasure of running extra curricular programs in Dance and Sport Aerobics in Sydney high schools and primary schools. HDSAF members through the years have taken out numerous State, National and World Placings. The squad has continued to go from strength to strength including taking out multiple national titles in the past few years. Her athletes and dancers are always coached at a high standard with heart and soul in every lesson and conversation. She will continue to inspire and motivate her squad and community in 2023. It was only in 2019 at the age of 34, Mel travelled to compete in the world FISAF International Sport Aerobics + Fitness championships in Leiden, Netherlands to bring home a World Championship win for her solo Master Female category. After all her success that was one achievement she was dreaming of and to make it happen with hard work and dedication is a testament to her character. 

Melanie is always striving to build on her previous success by broadening her reach and working with a greater network of collaborators and students. She will also continue to commit to professional development and improving on her already impressive dance and coaching achievements. 






Coach Lauren is currently one of our Harriman DSAF coaches helping train a range of athletes.


Lauren has trained in sport aerobics since 2016, competing in teams and also solo. She has come from a background in gymnastics, where she trained and competed for 7 years, and is enthusiastic about incorporating these skills and discipline into training. Sport aerobics felt like a perfect fit for Lauren as it combined the physical fitness and skills of gymnastics with performance and loud fun!


Since joining HDSAF, she has plunged herself into getting to know her teammates and supporting them through their own aerobics journey. Lauren loves the camaraderie within the club and strives to make everyone feel comfortable and excited to train. 


She brings her teaching experience from past jobs and an enthusiastic attitude to her role here as a Harriman coach. Lauren strives to teach the aerobics skills and technique she has developed over the years in a fun and enjoyable way. She is so excited to help young athletes fall in love with the sport like she has!


Alice is one of our younger coaches here at Harriman DSAF, helping coach both mini and junior classes. 


She has competed in sport aerobics since 2015, qualifying at both state and national levels. Having come from a dance and gymnastics background, Coach Alice has always loved performing and challenging herself, just made sense that sport aerobics was the perfect fit for her. 


Since joining Harriman DSAF, She has trained hard to achieve her goals, and having supportive coaches and team mates by her side has helped her skills and confidence improve greatly. 


She is still a competitive member of HDSAF and involved in a variety of classes offered by HDSAF, including, dance, sport aerobics and fitness. As a coach, She is committed to using her enthusiasm, skills and knowledge to help young athletes grow stronger, more confident, and develop the same love she has for sport aerobics and all activities HDSAF offers.

Coach Andrea is one of our younger coaches at HDSAF and helps coach our mini and junior age classes.


From a young age she has always loved staying active, being a passionate dancer since the age of three. Andrea has been involved in Sport Aerobics since 2014, starting in primary school and continuing into high school and clubs. Andrea has competed at State and National levels in groups and pairs, and completed HSC Dance at an accelerated level.  


Andrea joined HDSAF in 2020 and absolutely loves the friendly and supportive environment the team provides. She helps create an energetic and fun atmosphere, encouraging those around her. She also enjoys being constantly challenged to improve skills and strive for new goals. Andrea loves participating in a variety of classes offered- Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Sport Aerobics, Fitness and Stretch. 


As a Coach, Andrea shares her love and passion for Sport Aerobics and Dance while encouraging and supporting the younger athletes to reach their goals and find their own passion and confidence in HDSAF sport.




Eileen started dancing and participating in gymnastics recreationally from a very young age. In 2019 she found sport aerobics. Instantly she became mesmerised by the sport and has grown her passion and love for it ever since.

Since joining HDSAF she has become a determined and supportive member of the competition squad which led her to compete in regional, state and National levels in sport aerobics and multiple regional dance competitions. Currently she takes a variety of classes at HDSAF including dance, aerobics, technique and fitness where she is constantly expanding her skills, knowledge and experience.

As a coach she drives to share the same support and love she has received from her fellow teammates and coaches at HDSAF to the athletes she coaches and appreciates watching them become stronger, more powerful and confident athletes. When coaching she always strives to create a positive and encouraging environment where athletes are able to have fun but also achieve their goals and see clear improvement. She hopes to share the exciting spirit of HDSAF through her position as a junior coach.


UNIT 5/84 Great North Rd Five Dock 2046


Enter Gate on Brush Rd, West Ryde 2114

0414 308 785


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